Daised & Bewildered Manifesto

In an increasingly digital world we are slowly losing touch with reality. We are constantly moving from a physically experiential existence to one that is almost entirely cerebral. We live almost entirely on the web. The evidence lies in the fact that more and more young people are spending their time, in what should be highly interactive tactile spaces, negotiating these spaces in such a way that they may be easily converted to a digital experience rather than fully interacting. One just need look around at the any current event be it a political rally, an art gallery opening, a rock concert, or even a corporate team building event. Everyone is locked into the grid. They will be live tweeting, checking into foursquare, checking in on Facebook, and uploading photos to Instagram.

People are now geared to sharing experiences online in real-time as opposed to actually living them.

While I do not believe that it is the documenting of events that is the problem I believe that it is the fact that to a large extent documenting has supplanted experiencing. This is only worsened by the current drive by marketing companies  for virality on social networking sites.

Therefore in an effort to regain some of the tactility that has been lost in the digital age, I am proposing to do a journal documenting tactile and physically immersive events in a way that seeks to retain the tactility as far as possible.

To achieve this I am to do my journal in the style of a “fanzine” and “punk zine” that was an extremely popular medium throughout the 80s and 90s. This will speak to a do it yourself independent punk culture that was so prevalent during these times , and I feel has gained new relevance in today’s society as people seek greater degrees of craftsmanship and authenticity that can be found to be lacking in the highly automated and digital world we currently find ourselves in.  It will make almost exclusive use of analogue techniques as far as possible such as analogue photography of various sorts, from Polaroid photographs, to Lomography, to professionally shot analogue stills, and even an analogue video. The effect of not relying on digital technology will be that there will slight imperfections that are inherent in analogue technologies that cannot be accurately replicated digitally. The result of which will hopefully be a collective tactile memory that will be hopefully shared in the physical space rather than the digital i.e. groups of friends gathering round to look at and page through the magazine, or attending a film screening event. Thus giving everyone a much-needed respite from staring into flickering screens of various sizes.